TRANSPARENT AND VISIBLE:The summer cold kettle is specially designed for refrigerators. The slim body is easy to put in the refrigerator and does not take up space, so you can drink cold drinks anytime. Transparent and visible design, you can check the remaining amount at any time.
SEALING:The cold kettle can hold ice cubes and boiled water at the same time, which is convenient and labor saving, and can be used in any scene.
Material:The ice bucket is made of food grade PET material, which can withstand temperature changes from minus 20° to 120°, alternating between hot and cold, and is not afraid of bursting.
CONVENIENT FAUCET:The faucet has a rubber , which is anti blocking and sealing without dripping, so you don’t have to worry about long term use.
EASY TO CLEAN: The large diameter lid makes it easy to add water, fruit and ice for a more thorough cleaning. There is a filter grid on the top that can be used to store materials for making drinks or iced tea, etc.



Size Chart:

Round White:
Round Green:
Fang White:
Square Green:

Package Includes:

1 Piece Cold Kettle with Faucet


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